Message to Louis Camilleri

Courtney Walters
Target Market

Mr. Camilleri,

The number of children and teenagers smoking on a worldwide basis is enormous and efforts to stop it doesn't seem to be working. Is Phillip Morris truly concerned about preventing children and teenagers from smoking? If yes, then members of Target Market and I would like to see an initiative and meaningful drive by the tobacco industry and Altia, a.k.a. Phillip Morris to put their money and power where their mouth is to prevent teenagers, not just in the United States, but on a worldwide basis, from smoking.

Will your firm as a good faith, make a first step effort to prevent children and teens from smoking? Will your firm agree to admit to the world through the media that smoking cigarettes is hazardous to the health? Will your firm agree to, and in fact, meaningfully finance the implementation and development of advertisements on a world wide basis to prevent children and teens from starting to smoke and
to assist teens who already smoke, chew, or inhale tobacco products to stop? Will you agree to
work with and have Target Market individuals or that group become active participants in the
planning and the implementation of worldwide teen smoking prevention advertising and teen
smoking prevention programs?

Would you let your own children use tobacco? Or how about your