Tobacco Advertising Lies

Question of the Month
July 2001

As most of us have probably lamented at one time or another, cigarette advertising does an excellent job of promoting the opposite of reality. Telling the truth, after all, would not be profitable. A sampling of taglines and slogans from around the world:

"Alive with Pleasure!" - Newport (Philip Morris, U.S.)
"Taste success" - Rothmans (BAT, Ghana & Nigeria)
"Join the Adventure" - Goldleaf (BAT, Bangladesh)

These slogans would be laughable, if it were not for the deadly nature of the deceit. This month we're going to examine how the tobacco industry exploits the aspirations, desires, and insecurities of people
around the world in its quest for ever-increasing profits. The examples you and your partner supply will help to paint a global picture of the tobacco industry's lies, and, in particular, to compare and contrast the marketing of various cigarette brands between countries and regions.

Question: What are some of the taglines and slogans of popular cigarette brands in your community and/or country? Please indicate the brand and company next to the slogans. If you are able, please also include a very brief description of the accompanying picture.

If you're in a creative mood, try transforming the slogans into counter-advertisements (see below for examples).



By making slight alterations to the slogans or their accompanying graphics, you and your partner can transform them into effective counter-advertisements.

Example: "Alive with Pleasure!"
Alternative image: Picture of tobacco CEOs enjoying a life of luxury

Example: "Taste success"
Alternative slogan: "Taste pesticides"

Example: "Join the Adventure"
Alternative image: Picture of row of patients, hooked up to IVs and life support systems, in a hospital room

Now that's what we call real "truth in advertising"!