Addicted to Profit: Big Tobacco's Expanding Global Reach

By Ross Hammond

Published by Essential Action

"Under fire in the United States for marketing a product which kills half of its regular users, Big Tobacco has been expanding its operations abroad where the opportunities for profit are much greater and its histories of lies and deceit not quite so well known. Addicted to Profit is a carefully documented expose' of this aggressive expansion. It provides the clearest argument to date why national tobacco legislation must include provisions to prevent these companies from spreading death and disease in the rest of the world."

-- U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi, D-California

"This study demonstrates how Big Tobacco's entrance into emerging markets promises catastrophic health problems for these countries. As the world's leading exporter of tobacco products, the United States has an obligation to be a leader in the promotion of public health. For our government to allow companies to pay their debts at home by hooking children abroad to nicotine addiction and pushing them down a path to cancer, heart disease and emphysema would be an unprecedented act of hypocrisy."

-- U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas

"Addicted to Profit is a stunning disclosure of death and duplicity, tobacco industry behavior and relentless expansion throughout the world."

-- Dr. Judith Mackay, Chair, World Health Organization Global Tobacco Project, and Director, Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control


Acknowledgements & Author/Publisher Information

Foreword by Dr. Judith Mackay

Executive Summary

Big Tobacco's Global Expansion

Tobacco's Global Toll
Philip Morris, BAT & RJ Reynolds Look Overseas
Making New Smokers
Advertising Ill-Health
Flexing Their Political Muscle: The Heavy Hand of Big Tobacco
What's Free Trade Got To Do With It?
Smuggling: Developing Brand Loyalty
Encouraging Foreign Tobacco Production

Country Case Studies

China: The Last Frontier
Mexico: A New Export Platform
Vietnam: The Americans Return
The Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: Making Money Hand Over Fist
Senegal: Selling the American Dream
South Africa: Taking a Stand


Top Marketers in Selected Countries

Big Tobacco's Global Reach


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